Black Hills Rally

The Black Hills Rally (formerly called the Sturgis Rally) is one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the country.
For about a week each year, there are as many as half a million motorcycles going through Sturgis. Many of the bikers stop for gas, food or knick-knacks.

Mainstreet Sturgis in 2013

Mainstreet Sturgis in 2013

CMA volunteers for the city of Sturgis – helping with the Photo Towers, the Motorcycle museum, the racetracks, the drag races and hill climbs and wherever else we can. The Bear and I generally work at the County parking lots, advising people not to park in “tow away” zones and giving directions to various activities around the city. This gives us many opportunities to witness to people.

Sturgis Courthouse

Sturgis Courthouse

CMA also has a booth downtown during the rally.

While we stay in Sturgis there are many opportunities to ride as well, Vanocker Canyon, Nemo Road, Spearfish Canyon and Deadwood Canyon to name a few. This year we also went down the Iron Mountain Road (near Keystone).


Vanocker Canyon


Spearfish Canyon

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